Newswire: Bran Stark is coming back to Game Of Thrones next season

Grab a handful of Hodor’s cloak and slap on those white contacts, because Bran’s back, baby. Isaac Hempstead Wright says his character, Bran Stark, will be returning to Game Of Thrones for its upcoming sixth season. Hempstead Wright is set to start shooting the show in late July, though, he noted at the London Ant-Man premiere, he can’t say much more. According to the Irish Examiner, Hempstead Wright did at least admit that “it’s going to get particularly interesting with Bran,” saying “he has some interesting visions.”

Interestingly, Hempstead Wright also told the Examiner that he hasn’t seen any of the fifth season of Thrones, saying he was “right in the middle of [his] exams,” something that sounds about right considering he’s 16. He also told the Examiner he’s not sure if [spoiler alert] Jon Snow is dead, but that Kit Harington has …

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