Newswire: Bradley Whitford to play Andy Samberg’s dad on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Bradley Whitford is set to join Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Detective Jake Peralta’s absentee father, Entertainment Weekly reports. Self-styled supercop Jake Peralta spends most of his time in the precinct clowning for attention, and his daddy-abandonment issues have been periodically referenced. And since the laws of sitcom character development require that these types of idiosyncrasies eventually be addressed, Peralta will begin to unpack his father figure problems on a March 8 episode.

Whitford will play Captain Roger Peralta, a nice-guy airline pilot who finally reunites with his earnest son. This means, of course, Whitford won’t be playing a reckless, tough-as-nails cop with a killer mustache and sweet aviators—regrettable missed opportunity to call back to his stint on Fox’s last police comedy, The Good Guys.

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