Newswire: Bradley Cooper films A Star Is Born scenes before Kris Kristofferson’s Glastonbury set

Two generations of A Star Is Born collided at Glastonbury Friday when, according to Billboard, Bradley Cooper appeared on stage to shoot scenes before a set from Kris Kristofferson. Cooper—who is also directing the remake starring Lady Gaga—is playing a role equivalent to the one that Kristofferson took on in the 1976 version of the story. (If only James Mason and Frederic March could have been around to see this.)

Cooper appeared to jammed out pretty hard—as you can see from the photo above—but NME notes that the audience could not hear what he was playing. So patrons got a silent show before Cooper introduced Kristofferson himself, saying, per Billboard, “You guys were awesome, that was great—it’s my sheer pleasure to introduce Kris Kristofferson.” The 81-year-old’s performance eventually featured a cameo from Johnny Depp—who has already used Glastonbury as an opportunity to …

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