Newswire: Brad Pitt hoping to get cast in Angelina Jolie’s next movie

Having finished taking out the trash, rinsing all of the dishes, vacuuming the kids’ rooms, mowing the lawn, picking up the groceries, walking the dog, watching Unbroken three more times, putting gas in the cars, and then taking out the trash again, Brad Pitt is hoping he has sufficiently impressed Angelina Jolie enough for her to cast him in her next movie. The project is called Africa, and it’s reportedly a biopic of archaeologist Richard Leakey and his quest to stop poachers from killing elephants in Kenya in the 1980s.

According to The Wrap, Pitt is vying for that starring role, and he’s currently “in negotiations” for it. Just in case anyone had doubts that Angelina Jolie is a certified Hollywood Badass, she’s making her husband fight to star in her movie. You don’t see Len Wiseman or Paul W.S. Anderson doing that, because they …

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