Newswire: Brad Bird is finally writing The Incredibles 2

Somewhere between Cars 2 and Monsters University, Pixar fans began wondering why the animation house seemed determined to make sequels to so many of its films except for the one that naturally lends itself to a follow-up: The Incredibles. Their concerns were addressed last year, when Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that The Incredibles 2 was finally in the works and that writer-director Brad Bird would return to develop it.

Now that his new film Tomorrowland is finished (and due for release on May 22), Bird tells NPR that he’s finally working on a script for Incredibles 2. Noting that the main idea for the sequel is “percolating,” he explains, “I’m just starting to write it, so we’ll see what happens.”

Bird doesn’t provide much ammunition for speculation, but that’s never stopped the internet before. So feel free to share your theories on Jack-Jack’s …

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