Newswire: Boston sci-fi rockers The Lights Out release new album on a pack of beer

Nostalgia often laments the loss of record stores and rental houses, and memories of cruising the aisles in pursuit of something new. Boston sci-fi pop-rockers The Lights Out miss it, too, but they also made an observation: isn’t that what beer lovers do every weekend?

“Releasing a new album feels like throwing a silver dollar into the ocean of the internet,” says guitarist Adam Ritchie in an e-mail to The A.V. Club. “But people are discovering new and exciting beers on the beer shelf every Friday and Saturday night. We said beer is a format we love, so let’s release this album on a beer.”

How does one do that? Well, find a brewery that loves sci-fi as much as you. After receiving a rough cut of T.R.I.P., a spacey, guitar-forward stomper with intergalactic themes, Massachusetts brewery Aeronaut—home to such beers as Robot …

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