Newswire: Boston is not wicked cool with Mark Wahlberg’s Boston Marathon movie

Self-appointed Boston ambassador Mark Wahlberg has announced his intention to honor the Boston Marathon bombing by making a movie about it. From Hollywood’s perspective, the tragedy that unfolded in 2013 is perfect big-screen fodder: There are the self-radicalized brothers operating in secret, the graphic carnage, the heroism of first-responders, and the city-wide manhunt that occurred while entire neighborhoods were placed in lockdown.

Now the people of Boston are weighing in, and it turns out that they aren’t thrilled with the idea of being perfect fodder. “How does someone who markets himself as `a Boston guy’ not see that it is far too soon, that the city is still far too sad for its trauma to be transformed into mass entertainment?,” asks Brandeis journalism professor Eileen McNamara.‘s Charlotte Wilder also recently penned a criticism titled “It’s Too Soon For Mark Wahlberg’s Boston Marathon Bombing …

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