Newswire: Boris celebrates 25 years of heavy rock with tour, new single “Memento Mori”

Melting minds on a nightly basis gets tiring after 25 years, and so Japanese drone rockers Boris were planning to pack it in after recording one last album earlier this year. Instead, they found their creativity renewed by writing what was supposed to be their farewell album—so refreshed, they recorded three albums’ worth of material during the album sessions. Those sessions were pared down to 10 tracks for the band’s 22nd album, Dear, due out July 14 via Sargent House.

Boris describes the sound of Dear as “heavenly—far beyond heavy,” a description that fits the new single from the album, “Memento Mori.” The vocals are ethereal, all right, but the chords emanating from guitarists Wata and Takeshi Ohtani are as heavy as a boulder topping over a cliff and landing on Atsuo Mizuno’s slow, steady drumbeat. A string arrangement and whispered vocals lift the song back …

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