Newswire: Bono to finally be recognized as a Woman of the Year

It’s been a year dominated by strong women, whose voices have rung throughout our halls of power, been heard louder than ever in our entertainment, and, of course, echoed madly off the canted walls within the Kafkaesque gauntlet that is our presidential election. Yes, 2016 was a watershed moment for women, who have entered what feels like a climactic stage of an epochal struggle against institutionalized inequality, only to discover a new and toxic wellspring of next-generation sexism led by a bunch of meme-slinging shriveled dicks. So many women, making so many powerful strides. Also, Bono was there. So naturally, Bono has been named as one of Glamour‘s Women Of The Year.

The U2 frontman, famed for slipping into other people’s spaces without invitation, has been named the first-ever man on the magazine’s annual list of notable women. It’s a decision that—although reminiscent of …

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