Newswire: Bono snuggles up to Mike Pence in weekend meeting on AIDS relief

If you’ve been concerned that your distaste for Bono is coming from a purely irrational and deeply petty place, reflecting more on your own flaws than the U2 frontman’s, then we have good news for you: Bono totally kissed Vice President Mike Pence’s ass at a meeting in Germany over the weekend. The meeting, as Rolling Stone points out, was an impromptu one, scheduled after it was discovered that both men were scheduled to speak at the Munich Security Conference. At the beginning of their brief meeting, the two were seen laughing and joking, as Bono quipped that Pence was “the second-busiest man in America.” (With President Trump on vacation in Florida for the third weekend in a row, it begs the question: Who was Bono referring to as “the busiest man in America,” exactly? Lin-Manuel Miranda, maybe? The Rock?)

The topic under discussion was AIDS relief …

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