Newswire: Bob Newhart world’s second happiest man after Cubs win

Bill Murray’s been getting all the glory as the Cubs’ celebrity mascot in the wake of the team’s World Series victory, but we implore you not to forget about Bob Newhart. The 87-year-old comedy legend has been waiting for this for a much longer time than Murray has. Take a moment to bask in his pride, goddamnit.

The billy goat is dead!! As I’ve said, from the beginning, I’m getting too old for this! #GoCubsGo #FlytheW

— Bob Newhart (@BobNewhart) November 3, 2016

Newhart spread his joy across social media. On Facebook, he added: “I wonder who the Cubs will play in the World Series next year!” Throughout the entire series, Newhart’s W flag was his companion. He even got Don Rickles in on the action.

The fella at the next table was nice enough to help me hold the flag after …

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