Newswire: Bob Dylan accused of using SparkNotes to write his Nobel Prize speech

After months of avoiding it like an overdue homework assignment, earlier this year Bob Dylan finally gave in and accepted that he had won the Nobel Prize for Literature. After scheduling some tour dates in Sweden so he could say he was just in the neighborhood, Dylan finally wrote and recorded the speech that’s required to pick up his trophy—and the substantial cash price that comes with it—earlier this month, just a week shy of the six-month deadline.

But now, thanks to some literary detective work from Slate, The Associated Press, and others, it turns out that the last-minute submission wasn’t the only trick Dylan borrowed from a sophomore chugging Red Bull the night before their final paper is due. Apparently, parts of Dylan’s speech bear striking resemblances to similar passages in the SparkNotes—that’s the online equivalent of Cliff’s Notes, for those …

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