Newswire: Blues Traveler’s John Popper gives guy on Twitter the run-around (by doxxing him)

During the mid-1990s, the uniquely American tradition of Blues Traveler gave voice to the suffering of so many hardworking men and women, who were all struggling just to hacky sack. Of course, the hardships Blues Traveler once sang of on fiery, rotgut wallows like “Run-Around” haven’t gone away. They’ve only changed to meet the times. Today it’s not only your most trusted friends who want to give you the run-around. The internet has made it so strangers can do so anonymously—thousands of them, all giving you the run-around a million times per second. And so, Blues Traveler frontman John Popper has updated accordingly, calling out those who give him the run-around these days not with a cutting song, but by posting their personal information online.

The Daily Beast has gamely attempted to lay out Popper’s doxxing campaign against Forrest Rutherford, Popper’s chief antagonist in …

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