Newswire: Bloomberg also drops out of White House Correspondents’ Dinner party

Washington is going to feel like a ghost town on the night of the traditional White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Normally, a big kickoff party serves as the lead-in to the event, in which the political elite get together to reinforce the polite fiction that they all have some semblance of a sense of humor about themselves. Earlier this year, though, The New Yorker announced that it’ll be canceling the event in light of President Donald Trump’s attitude toward the media, while Vanity Fair dropped out of a similarly traditional afterparty. The implication was that the whole event was going to basically suck, with little more than Trump doing bad stand-up to a semi-empty room of pissed-off journalists.

Now, things are getting even worse; according to The Hollywood Reporter, media syndicate Bloomberg has also dropped out of the festivities. Bloomberg—whose owner, Michael Bloomberg, has called Trump a “dangerous …

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