Newswire: Billy Bush sang a sad little song about how he’d like to be back on TV now, please

Billy Bush’s promising career as a smiling, essentially empty TV talking head took a sudden sharp detour last October, when footage emerged of him from 2005, merrily toadying up to future U.S. President Donald Trump during an Access Hollywood visit to a soap opera set. On the tapes, Bush mostly just giggles along to ”The Donald’s” “locker room talk” about all the ways he likes to “move on a bitch” or grab women by the genitals, but he did offer up a few enthusiastic catcalls of his own. The aftermath of the tapes made it clear, though, that America holds its entertainment reporters to a higher standard than its elected officials: Bush was promptly fired, while Trump became Commander-In-Chief.

At the time the tapes came to light, Bush apologized to the public, saying he’d been a young, tender 33 years old when they were filmed. He …

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