Newswire: Bill & Ted’s Alex Winter starts production on Frank Zappa documentary

Gnarly-dude-turned-documentary-filmmaker Alex Winter has started in on his latest project, a retrospective of the life and career of rock legend and expert mustache possessor Frank Zappa. The film, as yet-untitled, has the Zappa Famly Trust’s approval, and will chart the life and successes of Zappa, whose band, The Mothers Of Invention, had a long-lasting impact on musical history—not unlike Wyld Stallyns, a fake band that Winter pretended to be a member of, more than half a lifetime ago.

Winter’s previous documentary work includes Deep Web, which he produced for Epix with narration help from his Bill & Ted co-star and “Bitcoin enthusiast” Keanu Reeves, and Downloaded, a documentary about filesharing that aired on VH1, despite not having any obvious Bill & Ted connections for viewers and critics to get unhealthily fixated upon.

Ahmet Zappa pledged his support to Winter’s effort to tell his father’s story …

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