Newswire: Bill Murray will be in the new Ghostbusters

For years, Bill Murray was one of the most vocal opponents of any kind of Ghostbusters sequel, mostly because he’s primarily driven by goofball whimsy instead of the usual lust for money and power. Also, he assumed that a new Ghostbusters movie would require him to spend a lot of time wearing heavy proton packs with Dan Aykroyd, and he doesn’t really have time for that anymore. However, his attitude softened up a bit on the idea when he found out that Paul Feig would be directing a female-led reboot of the classic comedy film—though he still implied that he doesn’t really care who’s in a Ghostbusters movie as long as it’s not him.

Now, in what will go down as another great Bill Murray “nobody will ever believe you” story, The Hollywood Reporter says that he’s actually going to be in Feig …

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