Newswire: Bill Murray pops bottles accepting an ESPY Award for the Chicago Cubs

Wearing a backwards baseball hat beneath an iridescent party hat and, according to Rolling Stone, acting “seemingly inebriated”—so, himself—last night comedian Bill Murray accepted the ESPY Award for Best Moment on behalf of the 2016 World Series Champions, the Chicago Cubs. The infamous Cubs fan and future restaurateur was presented the award at the 25th ESPY Awards (short for “Excellence In Sports Performance Yearly Award”—they certainly didn’t get too creative with that acronym, did they?) by fellow comedian and Cubs fan Nick Offerman.

“One hundred eight years of waiting is hardly ‘a moment,’” Murray remarked in his acceptance speech, referring to the North Siders’ century-plus World Series drought. He then rattled off the names of a bunch of celebrated Cubs players, including Rogers Hornsby, Ron Santo, and Ernie Banks, providing what was essentially an oral version of one of those “people who died” video montages from …

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