Newswire: Bill Murray now Earth’s happiest man as Cubs win the World Series

Bill Murray has a pretty dour reputation, projecting various degrees of sadness, melancholy, and inner turmoil for directors ranging from Harold Ramis to Sofia Coppola, with a healthy amount of Wes Anderson along the way. Sadly, that celebrated portion of Murray’s career may now be over, as the Chicago Cubs’ victory in the tenth inning of game 7 of the World Series tonight appears to have made him the happiest man on Earth.

Murray’s cheerfulness levels were reportedly dangerously high throughout the night, buying copious beers for the people around him in the stands (this, after giving away an extra ticket to the game to a random fan earlier today). But the win seems to have transformed Chicago’s once-morose comedy king, as evidenced in these pictures of him from tonight’s game:

Murray and Eddie Vedder, another man whose occasional bouts of career-boosting brooding may now be …

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