Newswire: Bill Maher uses racial slur live on air

Bill Maher—a man who seems to consider himself a pioneer in the field of smugly crossing the lines of America’s few remaining taboos—blew past another one tonight, casually dropping a racial slur in the middle of a televised conversation with Nebraska Republican senator Ben Sasse. Sasse was on Maher’s HBO program, Real Time, to promote his new book, and engaged in a bit in which he encouraged Maher to come visit his state and work in its fields. Maher responded, apparently off the cuff, with, “Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house nigga.”

Bill Maher just dropped the N-word. This won’t end well whatsoever.

— Tennessee (@TEN_GOP) June 3, 2017

Perhaps Maher thought it would be good for ratings, as the controversies he inevitably drops on himself—attacking Muslims, denouncing vaccinations, serving as a platform for bleached assholes—usually are …

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