Newswire: Bill Cosby responds to rape allegations with incoherent prattling

Submitting to an examination slightly less intense than Rudy faced on the average episode of The Cosby Show, Bill Cosby appeared on today’s Good Morning America, where ABC bragged he would at last “break his silence” on the more than 40 allegations of sexual assault he has refused to dignify with an answer, or anything approaching dignity. This promise proved to be true in that noise is the opposite of silence, and Cosby did indeed make noises in the general vicinity of the accusations. But for anyone expecting a direct response—or even coherence—they left disappointed.

The muddling began with ABC News’ Linsey Davis, who was formally there to talk to Cosby about his education reform campaign in Alabama. Likely wanting to avoid another NPR or Associated Press situation, Davis attempted to frame her question in the form of a hypothetical child, who might want to know whether …

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