Newswire: Bill Cosby countersues accusers, says rape charges caused him “emotional distress”

Last we checked in with TV father figure-turned-cultural lightning rod Bill Cosby, he had been dumped by his agent, stripped of several honorary degrees, and had his biography pulled from shelves by its publisher. They even took down his statue at Disneyland. But apparently Cosby didn’t learn a damn thing from all of this, as according to The Hollywood Reporter he’s now countersuing seven women who sued him in relation to their charges of sexual assault against the comedian.

See, the statute of limitations on criminal prosecution of these cases expired long ago, so last December one of the more than 50 women who have accused Cosby of sexually assaulting them filed a lawsuit against the comedian, alleging that he defamed her by publicly denying her claim. Six more have joined the suit since then, and now Cosby is attempting to use their tactic against them by countersuing …

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