Newswire: Bill Cosby acknowledges rape allegations with a joke

Last night—after months of allowing his lawyers, family members, and fictional housewives to speak for him, demanding that the media be “neutral” by not asking him difficult questions, and maintaining that he “does not intend to dignify” the accusations against him—Bill Cosby made his first public acknowledgment of those charges, dignifying them with a joke in his comedy show. After all, if we can’t laugh at ourselves and our two-dozen allegations of sexual assault, who can we laugh at?

Cosby was performing his second of two shows in London, Ontario when, according to numerous reports, a woman stood up in the front row mid-set. When Cosby asked her where she was going, she replied that she was going to get a drink, then offered to get Cosby one as well. Cosby declined, saying he already a bottle of water. Ever one to seize an opportunity, Cosby then …

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