Newswire: Big Business is back and melting faces with “Blacker Holes”

Big Business has been kicking ass since the moment it first debuted back in 2003. During that time, the two-piece hardcore metal assault team of Jared Warren and Coady Willis has had a singular mission: To absolutely rock the ever-living hell out of anyone lucky enough to stumble across the band. It’s a mission it’s succeeded in, and despite some experiments in lineup and sound over the years, the fifth studio album from the group, Command Your Weather, looks to go back to the basics. “Blacker Holes,” an A.V. Club exclusive premiere, sounds both like an evolution in the group’s sound and a classic Big Business track of old at the same time. The beginning veers almost into Peter Gabriel territory before slamming into a full-on sonic assault, with guttural Robert Plant-like howls echoing over the top. It fucking rocks, is the general bullet point here …

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