Newswire: Big Boi is now making dog shampoo for your good boi

Outkast star, Game Of Thrones rapper, and registered dog breeder Big Boi has announced that he’s deepening his business ties to the animal world. Pitchfork reports that the “The Way You Move” artist is launching his own line of dog shampoos, ensuring that man’s best friend will always remain so fresh, so clean. Big Boi has partnered with dog product purveyor Bobbi Panter for “Big Boi And Bobbi” brand dog shampoo, which is available in both “Purify Puppy” and “Cool And Chic” varieties. You can buy the stuff here; it’s sure to be a conversation starter at the local dog park, even if that conversation is just you telling your dog over and over how “tough and swanky” he is. Who’s tough and swanky? Who’s tough and swanky? You are! That’s right!

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