Newswire: Beyond Good And Evil 2 is real, and it’s a prequel

It’s been nine years since Ubisoft first announced a sequel to its 2003 cult hit Beyond Good And Evil. For most of that time, the game never existed outside a teaser trailer, some leaked footage, and Ubisoft’s constant reassurance that it’s still going to happen someday. Things appeared to be moving along last year when Michel Ancel, the original game’s director, shared some concept art and said the sequel was going into pre-production, which all but confirmed this was completely different project from the bits and pieces we’d seen all those years ago. Well, today at Ubisoft’s E3 showcase, it finally happened. Ubisoft premiered a cinematic trailer for the game and announced Beyond Good And Evil 2 is in development. It’s not exactly what fans might have been expecting, though.

After the weirdly obscenity-filled trailer played—ending with a human character who looks …

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