Newswire: Beyoncé wishes you a very Lemonade Christmas with her new merch

Beyoncé—or at least someone on her team—is having fun with homophones for the holiday season. The pop star/deity unveiled new merchandise which manages to skillfully combine both Christmas and references to her album Lemonade. The centerpiece item is a sweatshirt—available in both red and green—that declares “I sleigh all day,” a play on her lyric, “I slay all day.” Only now she’s talking less about fierceness and more about fun wintertime activities and/or Santa Claus.


The collection also includes a T-shirt with a similar pun: “I came to sleigh.” Arguably you would probably need to wear something on top when barreling down a snowy hill, but the point stands.


The front of that garment has a stocking stuffed with lemons, a bee buzzing around it.


Meanwhile, Beyoncé is …

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