Newswire: Beyoncé posts first picture of her twins, Sir Carter and Rumi

Doing her part to keep both the floral arch and celebrity news industries afloat, Beyoncé has posted the first photo of her infant twins. Queen Bey did it as only she could, with little fanfare ahead of the IG post, wrapping herself and her twins in rich fabrics and posing in front of a blue sky.

Oh, and she also dropped the names of these beautiful babies, whom henceforth shall no longer be known simply as Beyoncé’s twins, but rather, Sir Carter and Rumi. It’s currently unclear if the former is actually Sir Carter Carter, or if “Sir” is the first name and “Carter” the surname, but if that’s the case, then why leave that off of Rumi’s name? This little mystery is actually a classic Beyoncé move—always leave them wanting more.

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