Newswire: Beyoncé once turned down an “awful” song Chris Martin wrote for her

Through the power of marketing, in a couple of decades the Super Bowl has transformed itself from a sporting event into an unofficial national holiday, with hundreds of millions tuning in to the “Big Game”—Super Bowl is a trademark of the NFL—and millions of those using it as an excuse to get drunk enough that they have to take the next day off of work. (Not that they need much of an excuse.) That means that plenty of people who don’t really care about football are tuning in anyway—which is where the halftime show comes in.

This year’s event—which basically saw Coldplay and Bruno Mars introducing Beyoncé and her all-female team of Black Panther-inspired, Black Lives Matter-supporting dancers—ended with Beyoncé, Mars, and Coldplay singer Chris Martin getting all buddy-buddy together for the camera. But, as it turns out, Martin and Queen Bey weren …

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