Newswire: Betty White will appear on Bones next season

If you watch TV, you’ve probably witnessed at least a few Betty White guest appearances, be they on 30 Rock, WWE’s Monday Night Raw, or most of the game shows ever invented. But if, for some strange reason, you watch Bones exclusively, you’ve been deprived of this delight for far too long. According to Variety, White is scheduled to appear in an early episode of Bones‘ 11th season as a “squintern”—the show’s tag for interns—who is described as “sharp as a tack” and “absolutely fabulous” and as having a “deep knowledge of fantasy football—which happens to relate to the crime in question.”

The “sharp as a tack” line is a little patronizing, right? If the show was introducing a young or middle-aged intern, no one would bother explaining that the character is observant or intelligent, as we would already assume someone working for …

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