Newswire: Bernie Sanders has a pretty, pretty good second-place finish in SNL’s “Bern Your Enthusiasm”

While Presidential candidate and professional Larry David impersonator Bernie Sanders’ not-so-surprising appearance on Saturday Night Live last night was spoiled ahead of time, Sanders still provided some curmudgeonly chuckles. Appearing alongside the real David as a principled, rumpled immigrant to America, and lecturing David’s lifeboat-grabbing “rich prick” (as David described himself in his monologue), Sanders continued this season’s trend of having Presidential candidate drop-ins integrated into actual sketches. Which is, as it turns out, a much wiser (by a factor of all the numbers in existence) tack than turning over the entire show to a humorless blowhard candidate and his joke-writing team.

However, it was Larry David’s resurrection of Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Larry David that stole what turned out to be a very good episode. Or rather, it was Larry David playing Bernie Sanders as Curb‘s Larry David in the pre-recorded sketch “Bern Your Enthusiasm …

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