Newswire: Ben & Jerry’s is making ice cream beer and burritos

While we wait for President Obama to bend to the will of the people, and sign Executive Order 13687 – Putting The Weed Directly In The Ice Cream, cool ice cream uncles Ben and Jerry are doing their best to indulge all other aspects of a certain lifestyle, while also adding dessert. As reported in People, this April 20 will see the introduction of the BRRR-ito—an ice cream burrito—to all Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops and that ever-growing lineage of pandering to its most obvious fanbase.

Much as people who smoke pot don’t really need 4/20 as an excuse, you don’t really need to eat ice cream in the form of a burrito. Nevertheless, both are pretty fun—and judging by the Apple-aping ad below, explicitly meant to be enjoyed together. “You’ll see why 4.20 will be exactly like 4.20,” the announcer …

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