Newswire: Ben Affleck won’t bullshit you: There’s a lot riding on Batman V Superman

It’s been something of a middling year for Warner Bros. Sure, Mad Max blazed his way down the Fury Road and into Box Office Valhalla (driving sales of silver spray paint and bright red pajamas along the way), and the studio’s Black Mass helped remind movie-goers that Johnny Depp isn’t just a sentient host for all the mustaches, quirks, and hats that have attached themselves to his bony frame over the years. But audiences yawned their way past The Man From U.N.C.L.E., while Pan vanished from theaters faster than Tinkerbell at a convention for people who like to say they don’t believe in fairies.

Batman V Superman star Ben Affleck seems to think his upcoming superhero throwdown might just turn the company’s fortunes around, though. Talking to Variety, the future superhero discussed the attendant pressures of having to give his all …

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