Newswire: Ben Affleck apologizes for asking PBS to hide his slave-owning ancestor

Recently, the internet somehow found out that Ben Affleck had asked PBS not to include a scene of him discovering that one of his ancestors owned slaves in his episode of Finding Your Roots. The show is about using DNA technology and genealogical research to trace a famous person’s family history in order to find interesting things to say about them for an hour. During this process, PBS happened to find evidence that one of Affleck’s ancestors was a slave owner. At Affleck’s request, his episode—titled “Roots Of Freedom,” because irony is the best—left that part out.

Now Affleck has posted a message on Facebook explaining why he asked PBS to make this edit to his family history, and why he’s admitting the truth now. Basically and unsurprisingly, Affleck says he was “embarrassed” by this revelation. “The very thought left a bad taste in …

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