Newswire: Beloved talk show guest Barack Obama to go on The Daily Show one last time

As the end of Jon Stewart’s reign as King of Late Night Satirical News steadily approaches, at least one other head of state will be paying tribute to the departing monarch. Barack Obama, a staple of late night talk shows and podcasts who also happens to be president of the United States, will be appearing for the seventh and final time on The Daily Show on Tuesday, July 21, two weeks ahead of Stewart’s final broadcast on August 6.

Like all the great talk show guests, Obama has a well-honed schtick that he’s crafted over a decades-worth of appearances on the show, presenting himself as a dignified, quick-witted man of letters who could also have everyone in the studio arrested with a single word, in a classic comic juxtaposition that Stewart has always played well against. It’s not clear what projects Obama will be promoting, since …

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