Newswire: Belle & Sebastian are going on tour this spring

With new albums coming out from The Decemberists, Sleater-Kinney, and Belle & Sebastian, next week has officially been declared Indie Rock Christmas. That means we still have a few days before Indie Santa—who is a lot like regular Santa, but his red suit is vintage and he has one of those horrible twisty mustaches instead of a beard—rides down everyone’s chimney on his fixie bike and presents us with new music that we can feel cool about liking. As a much cooler version of Kris Kringle, though, Indie Santa has no problem giving people gifts early. That’s why all three of those albums are now streaming, and why Belle & Sebastian have just announced a bunch of tour dates coming up for this spring.

The band is doing a pretty even spread across North America, so there’s a good chance they’ll be coming somewhere …

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