Newswire: Beck, surviving members of Nirvana cover “The Man Who Sold The World”

Even music superstars aren’t immune to the siren call of nostalgia. Sometimes it just feels good to get the band back together and kick out one of the old jams—and sometimes, your lead singer tragically killed himself almost 22 years ago, so you have to get Beck to sing your David Bowie cover instead. That’s what happened last night: Pitchfork reports the surviving members of Nirvana took to the stage with the Grammy winner to perform “The Man Who Sold The World,” one of the highlights of the band’s Unplugged session. The performance took place at the annual pre-Grammys gala that Clive Davis throws every year, an event where famous people gather to remind themselves how famous they are. There’s not really any great footage of the full song, unfortunately, because the performance wasn’t televised. Still, there is some rough footage online, showing Beck …

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