Newswire: Because you watched The Wire, Netflix recommends the new Daredevil series

Netflix’s secret algorithms that predict whether or not a user will like The ‘Burbs enough to give it three stars or four are pretty much as advanced as algorithms get. You just binge-watched all of Parks And Recreation? Well, thanks to the infinite amount of information about yourself that you’ve given Netflix over the years, it knows that the next thing you’re going to want to watch is a PBS documentary called Honey Badgers: Masters Of Mayhem. A recommendation like that might not make any sense, but if Netflix can’t tell us what we should like, then who can?

Well, Steven S. DeKnight, the showrunner for Netflix’s upcoming Daredevil series can, apparently. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, he compared his show—which is about a blind lawyer who fights crime as a masked vigilante—to almost every highly regarded crime story there is. He says the …

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