Newswire: Beastie Boys are now officially done, but (sort of) won another court case

It seemed obvious, but it’s officially official now: Beastie Boys are done. The group’s Adam Horovitz told GQ that since the late Adam Yauch started the group, the remaining two members (understandably) decided they couldn’t continue without him. There’s a bright lining to this gray cloud, though: Horovitz says that there’s a ton of unreleased Beastie Boys material in the vaults, and that he’s trying to figure out a way to get some of that out into the ether. Most of the music is instrumental, with Horovitz telling GQ it’s “hours and hours of, like, really bad jamming,” but that “then there’s a lot of stuff of us talking in the middle of it, which is priceless. We were just really stoned, talking about, like, where we should get food, or Cirque Du Soleil or some shit.”

Horovitz and bandmate Mike Diamond …

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