Newswire: Bear Grylls’ new show The Island hangs a big “no girls allowed” sign on its door

Bear Grylls is known for two things: rugged survivalist skills and having more reality television shows than Oprah Winfrey, shows that are mostly impossible to tell apart from one another. But one thing Bear Grylls is getting a little tired of is women, shoehorning in on all this outdoorsy reality show action. “A woman’s place is in the television audience, cheering for dudes,” as the old saying goes. Which is why Grylls’ new show is making sure to keep that whole people-with-periods thing far away from it. Variety reports that NBC has ordered six episodes of The Island, a new man vs. nature reality series.

The show features 14 people who will be sent to live on a deserted island with only a few tools and clothes, thereby “forcing them to hunt for food, find their own water, build shelter and a community to survive.” And most importantly, this …

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