Newswire: Be the one who knocks ‘em back at the Breaking Bad-themed bar

If the idea of imbibing at a bar designed by Wes Anderson is a little too cutesy for your taste, pack your bags for London instead, where this summer you’ll be able to knock ‘em back at a Breaking Bad-themed bar. Called ABQ after the show’s New Mexico setting, the bar is not modeled after infamous drinking holes from the series like the bar where Walt hangs out while Skyler gives birth to their daughter in the second season or the New Hampshire bar where Walt calls Walt Jr. in the penultimate episode “Granite State.” Instead, it’s going to be a recreation of Walt and Jesse’s RV/mobile meth lab.

Inside the bar, patrons will be called upon to “cook up” their own cocktails, so don’t go if you’re the kind of person who thinks the whole point of going out is to …

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