Newswire: BBC America will announce who’s playing the 13th Doctor on Sunday

We’ve had some time to get used to the idea that we’d soon have to get used to another actor taking on the role of the Doctor on BBC America’s Doctor Who. Peter Capaldi, who played the 12th iteration of the Time Lord, announced his departure back in January. The Scottish actor, who used his own accent for the role, had piloted the TARDIS for three seasons (or series, if you will). The 10th season wrapped on July 1st in a spectacular fashion, but BBC America isn’t going to let fans mourn the 12th Doctor for too long—the network’s just announced via press release that Capaldi’s replacement will be revealed on Sunday, July 16, following the Wimbledon men’s final. The signs of the 13th Doctor’s imminent arrival are everywhere in this teaser:

Exclusive News: It’s Almost Time. #DoctorWho pic.twitter …

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