Newswire: Battlestar Galactica will air en español on NBC Universo

The worlds of Battlestar Galactica have been revisited multiple times since the show’s original run ended in 1979—we’ve had multiple miniseries, a prequel, and one amazing weekly series. (That big-screen adaptation is still a ways off). Now Syfy is working with NBC Universo (formerly mun2) to translate the awesomeness of its 2004 reboot by airing the show in Spanish, beginning Wednesday.

Science fiction is an increasingly popular genre for Latinos—two literary anthologies have been published in the last decade to highlight that fact. Although NBC Universo—which reaches nearly 40 million households—began with a focus on sports and reality programming, the channel has partnered with Syfy and Universal Cable Productions to bring Battlestar Galactica to its audience of Latinos—especially those aged 18-49. Oscar-nominated actor Edward James Olmos, who played Commander (and Rear Admiral) William Adama, was thrilled with the news:

Battlestar Galactica defined a …

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