Newswire: Batman V Superman was rated PG-13 for possible necking and neck-snapping

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is still six months away from hitting theaters, which is an eternity for fans, haters, and Zack Snyders to build up the conversation. Whether it’s another leaked trailer, further declarations that Ben Affleck is “the definitive Batman,” or Snyder throwing shade at the next Marvel “flavor of the week,” there’s the potential for plenty more totally unprovoked chest-puffing by the time the film actually debuts. Accordingly, any news big or small related to the blockbuster is relentlessly dissected, and as Collider reports, the latest tidbit to get that treatment is Batman V Superman‘s fresh PG-13 rating.

Officially, the MPAA has determined the film has “intense sequences of violence and action throughout, and some sensuality.” PG-13 is the sweet spot for a superhero blockbuster, because R would limit its accessibility amongst the younger crowd, and G or PG would likely mean Ben …

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