Newswire: Batman gets fast and furious in this All-Star Batman #9 exclusive

All-Star Batman has gotten very unpredictable in its second arc, “Ends Of The Earth,” which teams writer Scott Snyder with different artists for single-issue stories spotlighting a different villain in Batman’s rogues gallery. Snyder has also been changing his storytelling style with each issue, particularly when it comes to the use of narration. Whereas the first arc was a big action extravaganza, this current story is more formally experimental, and it’s made the series even more compelling by showing off Snyder’s versatility and his ability to work to the strengths of his artists. All-Star Batman #9 features the return of Snyder’s frequent collaborator Jock, who drew the Mr. Freeze-centric #6, but the execution of this issue is very different, focusing on thrilling action without heavy narration.

This exclusive preview of next week’s All-Star Batman #9 spotlights Jock’s dramatic action staging as Batman races through …

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