Newswire: Barbie is embarking on a new career as a game developer

Barbie has had a lot of careers over the years (seriously, there’s a whole Wikipedia page about it), but Mattel recently launched a special “Career Of The Year” Barbie designed to highlight a particularly “of the moment” career field. Last year, Barbie became a film director, staking her claim in a male-driven field. And this year she’s making similar in-roads into another boys’ club: Game development.

Introducing the newest #Barbie career: Game Developer! #YouCanBeAnything

— Barbie (@Barbie) June 15, 2016

It’s something of a mea culpa for the last time Mattel tried to launch a techie Barbie back in 2010. Computer engineer Barbie’s pink laptop raised some eyebrows, but it was the accompanying book that really sparked outrage. At one point, Skipper asks to play with the game Barbie is creating and the book explains:

“I’m only creating the design ideas,” Barbie …

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