Newswire: Balloon Boy has a heavy metal band, a song about being Balloon Boy

In 2009, the Heene family attracted national attention when their 9-year-old son was believed to be trapped aboard a helium balloon. After finding little Falcon Heene had simply fallen asleep in the attic, relief gave way to disgust when it was apparent that a hoax had been perpetrated by the family, which had already appeared on Wife Swap twice. Richard Heene was eventually sentenced to 90 days in jail for the stunt, which managed to temporarily shut down Denver International Airport.

Following the embarrassing event (and jail time), the Heenes moved to Florida, where Richard began marketing a number of strange and overpriced inventions. Meanwhile Falcon and his two brothers formed a metal band known as the Heene Boyz. In a CNN piece catching up on the family, the Heene Boyz talk about their their passion project, American Chilly, a “Rockestra” that tells the classic tale of a gas station …

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