Newswire: Backstreet Boys want it this way: Trump to stop using “I Want It That Way”

Amid the day’s quickening flood of stories about Donald Trump inappropriately touching things, all flowing ceaselessly into the soggy, fetid delta of his campaign, the news that he’s also grabbed yet another artist’s song without consent barely registers as an offense. Still, here’s another for that sloppy salmon-colored mound, and the long list of offenses it’s generated: The Backstreet Boys would like him to stop using “I Want It That Way” at his rallies, which is something he’s recently started doing. Multiple times per event, in fact. Apparently, Donald Trump has found something he can relate to in its narrator’s petulant demands for what he thinks he deserves, ignoring any protest as something he “never want[s] to hear you say.” Trump wants it that way. The Backstreet Boys do not.

“[The Backstreet Boys] did not approve this and we are not associated …

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