Newswire: Back To The Future’s dream of inside-out pants is finally a reality

For more than a quarter-century now, man has labored to bring forth the prophecies as spelled out in our most cherished ancient text, Back To The Future Part II. Yet here we are midway through the year it foretold, and 2015 still hasn’t realized most of its dreams, besides 3-D rehashes of old movies. We’re still lying to ourselves about hoverboards and self-lacing shoes. Flying cars fueled by garbage exist only in Willie Nelson’s haziest fantasies. We’ve yet to rediscover the simple elegance of communicating by fax. Our pizzas remain woefully hydrated, etc.

But at last, we can take heart that at least one of those advancements has been figured out. Finally, we have the technology to turn our pants inside-out. The future is now.

Tomorrow begins with an Irishman named Ross O’Mullane, who’s taken to Kickstarter, the bar bet of the Internet, to …

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