Newswire: Back To The Future writer laments that Cubs win ruined his joke

The Cubs’ 108-year-drought-erasing World Series win not only made history, it’s also had deep ramifications on the future—specifically, Back To The Future Part II, whose prediction of a Cubs championship was once every bit as outlandish as the idea of a bloated, bullying casino magnate achieving autocratic rule. Last year, as the film’s actual date of Oct. 21, 2015 arrived and the Cubs edged closer to the playoffs—and Donald Trump was still just an entertaining shit-show—co-screenwriter Bob Gale shrugged the eerie parallels off, believing no matter what came to pass in the real world, “the joke will still be funny” in the film. But here we are in 2016, and Gale’s not so certain anymore that anyone will laugh. (At the Cubs joke, anyway; we’re still four days away from deciding the latter.)

“Bob [Zemeckis] and I have been talking about this since …

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